Board and Staff

The FFE bylaws establish a 15-member Board of Directors. Ten members are stakeholder directors, each representing a community interest like healthcare, education, or business. Five are City Directors, representing the City of Kalamazoo generally. These members include the Mayor, City Manager, two City Commissioners, and one At-Large representative from the city. Stakeholder and At-Large terms rotate every three years while City Directors serve for the duration of their employment or elected service. A significant initiative is undertaken to cultivate a Board that is largely representative of the community and that will add unique insights about every facet of Kalamazoo.

The FFE’s bylaws state that one-third of board positions expire each year, meaning there are opportunities annually for anyone in the community to participate. Board members are responsible for attending at least three meetings per year and contributing to the responsible and transparent operation of the foundation. There are no requirements on previous board membership or restrictions on who can apply, (though an overall percentage of city residents is required). Positions expire on June 30 each year and vacancies are announced along with application instructions in December.

Apply for the Education, Neighborhood, or At-Large Director Positions

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Board of Directors

Sandra Calderon-Huezo
President, Neighborhood Focus: Edison

James K. Ritsema
Vice President, City Manager 

Alisa Carrel
Treasurer, Arts Organization

Barbara Hamilton-Miller
Secretary, Neighborhood Focus: Oakland-Winchell

David Anderson

Mary Balkema

Dr. Andrea Bostrom

Michael Harrison
At-large City Director

Jeanne Hess
City Commissioner

Stephanie Hoffman
City Commissioner

Rachel Lonberg
Faith-based Organizations

Ida Salas
Business Sector

Affinity Organizations

Alice Taylor
Neighborhood Focus: Northside

Von Washington, Jr.

Bobby J. Hopewell
Founding Director Emeritus 


Steve Brown, Executive Director | 311 or (269) 337-8000